Directory Press – Try Search at Google

If you are one of the DirectoryPress script owner then you can use this trick on your site. Thanks to Mark Fail. I got this idea from one of his existing forum.

Give options to your visitors to search on google, when they come up with Nothing Found on the Search result page. Sometimes DirectoryPress cannot produce the required result, then you may need to offer some options to your visitors, else he will bounce off from your site.

How to include the required search query and get on to google with search query, as we all know, search result tag with wordpress is “<?php the_search_query() ?>” so using this tag, you can query with google.


Copy the following code and paste it on _gallerypage.php where you feel necessary.

<p>You Searched for <font size=”2″><b>”<?php the_search_query() ?>”</b></font> and nothing found here, why don’t you <a href=” <?php the_search_query() ?>” title=”Search at Google Now” target=”_blank”><font size=”2″><b><u>Search at Google Now</u></b></font></a> or try one of the popular keyword searches below;</p>


Just use this code and let me know, how it helped.



Raghhav Sammrat

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