Have you ever received the following sms on your cell phone?

Have you ever received the following sms on you cell phone? Nowadays lot of people are trying to cheat and get away with lots of money of innocents. Did you recieve this message recently on your mobile phone?

Your Mobile NO has won GBP 250,000 in the 2009 (SHELL)INT’L Mobile Draw.To claim your prize contact Mr.Steve on +447031872962.Email:claim_spdc_2009@live.com.

If yes, then ask yourself, whether you want to be cheated or want to lose your hard-earned money. When you receive this type of sms message, then ask the sender to provide the physical address, registered company details and other KYC docs which are necessary to run business in India before you go ahead in surrendering your money.

Simply, dont just lose your money.

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